Terms and Conditions

We would like to say thank you for visiting our website.
Please read through the following to ensure the best possible experience while shopping on our website.
●Name of the Operator and Contact Information
General Incorporated Association JAPAN PROMOTION
Address: Ebina Building 4F, 6-18-10, Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001, Japan
President: Yoshitaka Ikushima
Tel: 03-5766-2450 (Main line)
Email: info@japanpromotion.org
Noriko Miyauchi
●About payment methods
We accept credit cards or PayPal to pay for the products purchased at our website.
●Prices of the products
1. We decide the price for each product to be sold at our website, and the price indicated for customers includes the consumption tax. Please refer to the page describing each product for more details.
2. We offer free worldwide shipping on all orders.
●Colors of the products
Please be advised in advance that all of the photos of the products posted on our website were taken so that the colors of the products appear as close as possible to the actual colors of the products; however, in some cases the colors of the products may appear different from the actual colors depending on the browser or PC that you are using.
●Timing of the payment and delivery
If a credit card is used to pay for the products purchased, the payment is made in accordance with the billing cycles of the relevant credit card company, and if PayPal is used, the payment is made in accordance with the Terms of Use for PayPal.
The products purchased shall be shipped out to the relevant customers within 7 days after the payment is approved by the credit card company or PayPal authority.
●Date of delivery
Please be advised in advance that the “estimated date of delivery” indicated on the Order page is only a prediction, and it may be significantly delayed depending on the postal situation or procedures of customs.
We cannot accept cancellation of orders even if the delivery has been delayed for some reason. If you need to have products delivered by a specific date, we encourage you to order them early enough to allow for possible delays.
●Customs duties
Please be advised in advance that the importing person (who purchased and will receive the products), as the Purchaser, shall be liable to customs duties, if any (including applicable consumption tax, advancement fees, etc.). For more details, please refer to the page on the website explaining about the “relevant customs” of the area where you live.

Not all products are subject to customs duties; whether or not taxes are required and the amount of taxes payable shall be decided by the relevant customs authority, and our company cannot provide details on this matter. We apologize for any inconvenience.

●Cancellation/Withdrawal of Purchase Orders
We cannot accept any cancellation of purchase orders.
●Defective products (broken at the time of delivery, missing parts or components, etc.)
Please follow the instruction below and contact us within 7 days after you received the product(s):

I: Take photos of the product(s) delivered
Please take some photos of all the product(s) delivered to show the condition of the package and the contents inside as well as the broken or damaged product(s).
Please do not discard them, and keep everything including the broken or damaged product(s), the package, wrapping materials, etc.

II: Contact the local post office or the company that was responsible for the shipping
Please contact the local post office and ask them to conduct an investigation in the presence of a witness, or directly visit the local post office while bringing the following 3 items: the actual broken or damaged product(s), the photos of the damaged product(s), and the delivery slip.
In the case of a parcel delivery company, contact the company at the phone number printed on the delivery voucher.

III: Obtain a Damage Report (CN24) (in the case of delivery by the postal service, including international mail)
Please ask the local post office to produce a Damage Report (CN24).
After you have obtained the Damage Report, please take and keep photos of the report so that the content is clearly readable.

◎ What is a Damage Report (CN24)? ◎
It is an official certificate to be issued by a post office when any article was delivered with damage, or was lost in the course of delivery or transportation. The format of the Damage Report varies by country/region.
If your local post office cannot produce a Damage Report, please ask the delivery person or the local post office to produce a certificate in some other format that indicates the damage that occurred, and make sure to keep it securely.

IV: Provide us with the following required information or materials:
1.Purchase Order No.
2.EMS Tracking No.
3.Names and quantities of the broken or damaged product(s)
4.Photos taken in accordance with the instruction described above in Section I
5.Damage Report (CN24) obtained in accordance with the instruction described above in Section III

Please contact us by sending an email to info@japanpromotion.org after you have prepared all of the items described in items 1 through 5 above.
Note: The investigation may not be conducted if you made contact after more than 7 days has passed since the delivery of the broken or damaged product(s), or if any of the necessary information or materials described above are missing.